David Sparrow - Corporate MC

As a talented actor, writer and singer with an extensive background in improvisation, comedy writing and public performance, David's ability to engage and entertain audiences large and small has been tested at hundreds of corporate functions over the last ten years.

A stint with The Second City National Touring Co. and five years with his own comedy troupe, The Random Few, have prepared David for the challenge of tactfully incorporating corporate information into an exciting and entertaining evening. Further, his background as a community college English teacher provides him with the tools necessary to write and speak the corporate language. Although research and writing before a show give him the foundation from which he works, David's ability to think on his feet and his positive and optimistic attitude under pressure allow him to be flexible when schedules change or new ideas pop up.

The Few - Rob Pincombe, Shelley Hoffman, Dave Sparrow

As a Master-of-Ceremonies David can provide a unique experience by transforming himself into one of his many 'Character M.C.' personas. Audiences are drawn to these big, irreverent characters because they are funny, approachable and playful. Imagine an event hosted by 'Arnold Caponeee' (It's Al crossed with Jackie Mason) or 'Anthony Giglianni' (Think politically correct Andrew Dice Clay) or 'Jerry Quartz' (A washed up Las Vegas lounge singer), or motivational speaker and personal life coach gone wrong, 'Robin Tonies'.

David does dozens of characters. He has even been "dropped" into a function as an award recipient or conference participant only to take over the gala evening to the surprise and delight of the audience. (Recently, David portrayed 'Indiana Jones' for Owens-Corning at a four day event in Whistler, BC. and 'Arnold Caponeee' for Great Gulf Homes at the Muskoka Sands Resort.)

Whether you choose one of Dave's comic characters or bring him on board as a straight forward, professional MC, David will meet with you to dig up some juicy "insider information", will research your product or service, will write up a couple of industry-specific, funny jokes and will tie it altogether with your meeting's objectives to create a smooth running, laugh-filled (or business like) event.

The cost of booking David for an event varies dependent on size of function, location, duration and client needs. Dave has also made himself available at special discounted rates to a number of charitable organizations. Please call or email for a quote.

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